See commodity pool. The CENTER ONLINE Futures Glossary
(1) For mortgage-backed securities, a pool is a group of mortgage loans backing an individual security issue.
(2) In funds transfer pricing systems, a pool is an aggregation of funds to provide average or moving average cost of funds for allocation to products or business units. American Banker Glossary
In capital budgeting, the concept that investment projects are financed out of a pool of bonds, preferred stock, and common stock, and a weighted-average cost of capital must be used to calculate investment returns. In insurance, a group of insurers who share premiums and losses in order to spread risk. In investments, the combination of funds for the benefit of a common project, or a group of investors who use their combined influence to manipulate prices. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
A small collective investment scheme operated in the USA which is limited to 35 members, and can only be marketed subject to a very restrictive regime. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein financial glossary

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I. pool pool 1 [puːl] noun [countable]
1. an amount of money or a number of things shared by a group of people:

• Both partners put money into a common pool, and both may spend this money.

a fund where investors do not know exactly what businesses their money will be invested in:

• a $60 million blind pool from which he hopes to start a number of high-technology companies

2. HUMAN RESOURCES a group of people who are available to do a particular job, if they are needed:

• Taiwan offered a pool of cheap labour.

• There is a considerable pool of experience within our own organization.

3. INSURANCE an association of insurance companies organized to underwrite (= be responsible for) a particular risk, each member sharing any costs or losses:

• the state-run pool for high-risk drivers

— see also car pool1, motor pool
  [m0] II. pool pool 2 verb [transitive]
to combine your money, ideas, skills etc with those of other people so that you can all use them:

• Meetings enable people topool ideas.

• More and more firms are pooling their resources and going into joint ventures.

— pooling noun [uncountable] :

• the pooling of information

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pool UK US /puːl/ noun
a quantity of a particular thing or money that is collected and used by different people or organizations: »

You can buy shares directly via a stockbroker or invest in a pool of shares run by a professional fund manager.


You can use a car from the car pool for your trip.

WORKPLACE, HR a number of people who are available to work when needed: »

We are creating a pool of workers who are willing and able to fill such positions.


Many companies are considering outsourcing some of their operations in order to tap into a cheaper pool of labour.

INSURANCE a group of insurance companies that work together to provide insurance for something that a single insurance company cannot provide insurance for alone: »

a high-risk insurance pool

See also BLIND POOL(Cf. ↑blind pool), CARPOOL(Cf. ↑carpool) noun, MOTOR POOL(Cf. ↑motor pool)
pool UK US /puːl/ verb [T]
to share something such as money, information, etc. so that it can be used by several different people or groups: »

The countries agreed to pool resources for defence purposes.


They pool money from thousands of different investors and put it into a wide range of companies.


pool experience/knowledge/talents

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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